Map of the Inner Self
1. Higher Self 
Qualities such as compassion, inner wisdom, courage, power, humility, humor, tenderness etc. 
2. Early Childhood
Parts that have experienced hurt, deprivation or trauma or young parts that represent our playfulness, freedom, joy and aliveness.
3. Survivors and Protectors
Parts that adapted to our environments in order to  feel safe, loved and  accepted. Parts that exist to manage trauma and wounding.
4. Allies and Archetypes
Worldly, such as friends, family, community
Transpersonal such as God, Spirit, Animal or Spirit guides, etc.
5. Shadow
Dimensions of self that we hide or reject such as selfishness, victimization, anger with an intent to hurt, greed and more... Shadow parts surface (mainly unconsciously)  toward others and sometimes toward the self in the form of self sabatoge. Shadow parts are not negative. They are close cousins to our power and when consciously owned, they transform to higher self.
6. Spiraling Out
 Ways we bring our gifts into the world.

With Soul Collage, we welcome all  of who we are.