I am the one who breaks free

from the shell of her own making.


I am the one who bridges the past, present and future.

          Gail P. 

I am the one who releases problems

that are not mine to make room for

my own passions.


 I am the one who allows herself to grieve.

Gail P. 

I am the one who knows suffering is the mud where we grow the flower of love.


“I am the one who choses to trust that all parts of myself are welcome and worthy of love.”

Liz D.  Connecticut

I am the one who needs to go into hibernation to rejeuvenate myself.  Gail P.



When the journey feels dark and difficult,

I cry out for special tender loving care.


My elephant comes and lifts me high,

Spilling out rainbow energy as she smiles.


She brings her ever-gentle wisdom, power and strength

and I am comforted.