For most of my life, I have been called to explore my inner life to find wisdom, strength and love.  For 40 years I have worked as a somatic psychotherapist in New York integrating many holistically oriented methods. SoulCollage® meets my need to quiet my nervous system and to access parts that have important messages relevant to healing and transformation. 


 I believe that the most significant healing occurs in the safe presence of others, therefore I love facilitating groups where people can express parts of themselves they generally keep to themselves.  I recieved a Certification in SoulCollage® in 2013, trained by the creator Seena Frost.  I have taught personal transformation workshops and training programs for individuals, groups and couples in the USA, Netherlands, Australia, Canada and Mexico. I am a Senior Faculty Member of the Institute of Core Energetics in New York City. I have co-authored two books on Embodied Couples Therapy. 


 Now that I am residing in beautiful Asheville, NC, I am immersing myself in this community of healing and art, bringing together my love of the journey inwards with creating art.