Exploring Your Authentic Self

SoulCollage® Process


Soul Collage®, developed by Seena Frost, M. Div.,MA in the 1980's  is an engaging and profound process for exploring and discovering parts of yourself that are often overlooked in everyday life. SoulCollage brings a sense of wholeness to the self  by making space for all of who you are. The result is greater self acceptance and connection to your strengths. 

In a SoulCollage workshop or class, you will be guided through a process for opening your intuition and creativity, making cards, and discovering what your cards are saying. The results are amazing, intricate collages that impart important messages and connect you to the core of who you really are. 


All are welcome; No previous art experience necessary

Find your inner artist and wisdom!

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Exploring SoulCollage®

Sponsored byPurple Crayon

Asheville, NC

 Exploring SoulCollage®

Sunday May 17th, 2020

10:00am - 12:00pm

Sunday May 31st, 2020

10:00am- 12:00pm

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$30.00 a class

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Marcia facilitates an amazing process that allows workshop participants to tap into their creativity at the same time as they uncover and discover lost parts of themselves. Using collage techniques that work even for non-artists, Marcia helps people reveal aspects of themselves using images instead of words. This holistic process creates a safe harbor to explore one's authentic self. 

Karyne B. Wilner, PSYD, Director of Core Energetics Academy

Marcia's Asheville workshop is something I have been wanting for a very long time. I make collages on my own, and enjoy that process and the self-reflection and self-knowledge that come with it. Working with Marcia, however, brings an additional depth that enriches the whole Soul Collage® experience. Her right-on-the-mark comments and gently probing questions about the cards I create at our workshop sessions, and cards I bring from home, have been invaluable to my continuing learning about my authentic self. In addition, the safe space that Marcia creates at our monthly meetings is a wonderful gift for all of the participants. 

Annie, Participant

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